Calcium Supplements and Women’s Health

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There has been much debate in the medical community over calcium supplements as they relate to women’s health.  Many medical professionals believe that most women do not get an adequate daily intake of calcium from their diets and thus should take a daily calcium supplements.  Others feel that calcium supplements are not needed and may … Read More

October Means Halloween/Breast Cancer Awareness

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Fall is in the air.  You can feel a slight chill when walking the kids to the bus stop in the morning.  The leaves are falling from the trees and are even starting to change colors.  Everywhere you look, you see pumpkins, goblins and ghouls.  It must be October.  October brings football, lots of leaves … Read More

Hydrothermal Ablation: The Perfect Holiday Gift…For Yourself

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If heavy and/or irregular menstrual bleeding is getting in the way of your life during this busy holiday season, maybe it is time give yourself the perfect holiday gift: Hydrothermal Ablation.  Hydrothermal Ablation (HTA) is a minimally invasive gynecologic procedure that can be used to treat irregular and excessive menstrual bleeding due to benign causes … Read More

The Right Birthing Plan For You

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If you are currently expecting a child, congratulations!  This is such a fun and exciting time in your life.  Chances are, you have talked with your partner about possible names and started putting together the nursery.   You may have even started reading some books or taking classes on parenting.  But, before you can name … Read More

Is Your Body Image Genetic?

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How do you react to the expression, “you can never be too rich or too thin?”  For some women, this could not be truer.  For others, it is ridiculous.  A recent study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University suggests that your reaction to this statement may be partly genetic. It is undeniable that a … Read More

The Importance of Folic Acid Before and During Pregnancy

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Most of us are aware of the importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.  However, are you aware of the importance of getting enough folic acid either from your diet or from prenatal vitamins before you actually conceive?  Getting enough folic acid before you conceive is important because it helps to prevent neural tubal defects. … Read More

I’ve Heard of Preeclampsia But I Don’t Know What It Means!

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The medical term “preeclampsia” isn’t as well known of a term as others like obesity, anemia and hypertension so if you’ve been diagnosed with it, it can seem very foreign sounding! Preeclampsia means that a) you are greater than 20 weeks pregnant, b) your blood pressure has been >140/90 on more than one occasion, and … Read More