Egg Freezing for Future Fertility

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Many of you may have heard that both Facebook and Apple, two large, well-known American companies, are planning to offer their employees egg freezing as a health benefit. The purpose is to preserve the fertility of working women who are not yet ready for motherhood.  This move has stirred up much controversy and debate about … Read More

Study Finds That the Risk For Depression Lingers After Breast Cancer

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October is the month that we raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection and treatment.  However, Breast Cancer touches many aspects of a woman’s life, and the effects linger well after the Cancer has been detected treated and hopefully cured.  A study conducted by researchers in Copenhagen and published in the … Read More

Natural Treatments for Menstrual Cramps

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For many women, menstrual cramps are simply a part of their monthly menstrual cycle.  The severity of menstrual cramps can range widely from a mild nuisance to a debilitating pain.  If you experience menstrual cramps every month, the first thing you should do is make your OBGYN aware of your symptoms and particularly any changes … Read More

Your Annual Pelvic Examination and Your Health

If you are a woman and have missed your annual pelvic examination, you are missing a very important opportunity to safeguard your long-term health.  Your annual pelvic examination provides your health care provider a great opportunity to monitor your overall health and to check for signs of any health issues that affect women.  These conditions … Read More