Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

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Pregnancy brings about so many memories of joy for expectant parents – learning that you are expecting, hearing the heartbeat via Doppler, seeing your sweet baby via ultrasound and possibly learning the gender, movement and kicks, and then the long awaited arrival. There are so many wonderful moments of pregnancy, but there are times these … Read More

A Successful Pregnancy After an Abortion


The decision to have an abortion is never an easy decision, and whether a woman knows this at the time or not, the choice will follow her for the rest of her life. Many women choose to have an abortion on their own, while many others find that their own lives are dependent upon the … Read More


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A woman’s body is a complicated machine that is made up of many intricate details, especially inside the female reproductive system. When there are issues that do not have obvious explanations, doctors are able to look deeper into the female body to discern information for proper diagnoses and treatments. A hysteroscopy is a procedure done … Read More