Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation Surgery?


Breast augmentation is a popular type of cosmetic surgery that can be used to change the size and shape of the breasts. Everyday, women with naturally small breasts elect to have them enlarged to make them more proportionate to the rest of their bodies, increase their confidence and enhance their overall appearance.

If you are like many women considering breast augmentation surgery, you may be wondering if breast augmentation surgery will prevent the opportunity to breastfeed in the future. The answer is that it depends on the type of surgery you have. However, most breast augmentation surgery approaches used today are compatible with breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation surgery that involves an incision made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit typically does not cause a problem with breastfeeding. However, surgery that involves a “smile” incision around the areola increases the risk of having breastfeeding problems. The only way to really know the affect of breast augmentation surgery on your milk supply is to attempt to breastfeed. Typically, if you still have full sensitivity in your nipples, you have a much better chance of having a full milk supply.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and want to increase your chances of being able to breastfeed in the future, you should discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon, before the procedure. He or she can then discuss the different surgical methods that can be used to help you achieve your goal of enlarging your breasts without affecting your ability to breastfeed.