Clinical Breast Exams


Marietta GA OBGYNsThere are many aspects of women’s health care that help to ensure that women are healthy, remain healthy, and also receive necessary treatment when issues occur. One of the most important parts of women’s health care is a clinical breast exam that is performed as a part of your regular medical check-up and a part of your annual gynecology exam.

A clinical breast exam is a physical exam done by feeling the breasts and underarm for changes or abnormalities. Your provider should also visually check your breasts while you are sitting up and lying down. It is highly recommended that women start having a clinical breast exam by the time they are twenty years old, and that they continue to have this exam at least once a year.

At your yearly exam, your provider should also educate you (or remind you) of the importance of self breast exams and walk you through the steps of performing this exam at home. Because women typically only see their primary care physician and/or gynecologist once a year for a checkup, not performing self exams throughout the year can allow for a full 12 months to pass without notice of a change. This can be detrimental to women whose issues begin shortly after an appointment or who have an aggressive form of cancer.

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