Figuring Out Your Baby’s Cries

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Newborn babies cry for a variety of different reasons during the first few months of their lives.  After all, since they cannot yet talk, crying is one of their only means of communicating their needs.  This means it is up to their parents and/or caregivers to determine what they need when they are crying.  There are five main reasons that newborn babies cry including the following:

•  hunger

•  tiredness

•  heat

•  cold

•  dirty or wet diaper

But what if you have fed your baby, changed his or her diaper, adjusted his or her temperature and he or she continues to cry?  Sometimes babies will also cry even if they are well-fed, well-rested, comfortable and freshly diapered.  If your baby has repeated episodes of inconsolable crying and appears to be healthy and well, he or she may have Colic.  Colic is a condition that appears to effect approximately 20% of babies during their first few months of life.  It is thought to be caused by intestinal pain and usually appears the first few weeks and then continues until the baby is about three to four months old.  While these uncontrollable bouts of crying can be extremely upsetting for parents, experts believe that Colic is not dangerous or harmful to babies.  The good news is that Colic does not appear to have any long-term effects on the child.  Babies with Colic will usually gain weight and feed normally.

If you have a baby with Colic, it can be very difficult to get through this stressful period.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to family members and friends to help you handle the stress and exhaustion that goes along with having a baby with Colic.  You can also talk to your physician or certified nurse midwife to get some tips on how to make your baby more comfortable.

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