Adjusting to Life with a Newborn

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There is no moment more momentous than the moment you and your spouse are released from the hospital with your newborn baby. Your vehicle is all prepared with a properly installed 5-point harness car seat that is rear facing. Your diaper bag is all prepared just in case you have to make a pit stop … Read More

Multifetal Pregnancy Care

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The term “multifetal pregnancy” refers to pregnancies of twins, triplets, and higher-order multiples. Multiple births are increasing in the United States, and it is important that women receive the specialized care that they need as these pregnancies often present challenges to both the pregnant mother and obstetrician. Multifetal pregnancies present more challenges than simply finding … Read More

Prenatal Nutrition

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You are pregnant, you are finally past your morning sickness, so it is finally time to indulge and eat all you want, right? While there is the idea that you are “eating for two,” you must remember that your Number 2 is a very tiny human being. A healthy diet will promote the health and … Read More

A Successful Pregnancy After an Abortion


The decision to have an abortion is never an easy decision, and whether a woman knows this at the time or not, the choice will follow her for the rest of her life. Many women choose to have an abortion on their own, while many others find that their own lives are dependent upon the … Read More

Incompetent Cervix

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During pregnancy, there are many natural occurrences that women go through as their bodies grow a baby (or babies) and get ready to deliver. One of these occurrences is the change in the cervix. Before pregnancy, the cervix is closed and rigid, changing only slightly when menstruation occurs. However, during the progression of pregnancy the … Read More

Helping Women Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

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Staying healthy while pregnant is important not only for a woman’s physical and emotional health, but it can also help to ensure the health of the growing baby that you are so excited to meet. At Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. we are proud to provide women with the highest standard of prenatal care before, during, … Read More

Multifetal Pregnancy

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Multifetal pregnancies include pregnancies where women are carrying more than one baby during a single pregnancy. Multifetal pregnancies include twins, triplets, quadruplets, and higher-order multiples. Twin and triplet pregnancies are often natural occurrences due to heredity and/or a mother’s age at conception. While all pregnancies are special and require specific care, multifetal pregnancies are treated … Read More

Hormones and Women’s Health

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If you are a woman, you are most likely very aware of the effect of hormones on your daily life.  This is especially the case during certain times of the month (ovulation and menstruation), puberty, pregnancy and Menopause.  However, do you really understand the role of hormones in your health?  If not, read on to … Read More

Pregnancy and the Holidays

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If you have a baby due to be born around Christmas, congratulations! You are going to have a very special Christmas this year indeed. Being due around Christmas is a joyous occasion but it can also be a bit stressful, especially if you have other children already. However, with a little bit of help and … Read More

World Prematurity Day

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November 17 is World Prematurity Day: the day when the March of Dimes and other organizations band together to raise awareness about the global problem of premature birth. In honor of this day, here are some important facts and statistics regarding premature births: • a premature birth is a birth that occurs at least three … Read More