Best Ways To Prepare For Your Baby’s Delivery


Every woman experiences some type of anxiety related to her pregnancy, much of which revolves around giving birth. When it comes to preparing for your baby’s delivery, the most important thing to know is that you can do this! Your body was created to carry and deliver a new life into the world. It is … Read More

Gestational Diabetes


Gestational diabetes is a pregnancy complication that must be given special attention throughout a woman’s entire pregnancy. This complication can affect any expectant mother, without any known reason or prior blood sugar issues. With appropriate diagnosis and care, controlling blood sugar throughout pregnancy can prevent issues with the growing baby, the mother, and the entire … Read More

What Not To Eat During Pregnancy


The old saying, “You’re eating for two,” during pregnancy often gives women the personal permission to eat what they want and not stress over it. While it is not advisable to eat your way through pregnancy, especially if you hope to regain your pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth, eating extra calories is necessary for a … Read More

Are Prenatal Classes Worth It?

There are so many things to prepare for when you are pregnant – a new (temporary) wardrobe, a nursery, washing and folding precious, itty-bitty clothes. But what about childbirth? Can you really prepare for labor? Aren’t childbirth classes a little “old fashioned?” Nurses, midwives, and doctors across the United States have reported a decline in … Read More

Summer Heat and Pregnancy

July is here, and with July and August come extremely hot and humid temperatures throughout the state of Georgia. Heat intolerance is common for pregnant women, and as women get further along into their pregnancy, their intolerance for heat increases. In fact, pregnant women are more susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion because they must … Read More

Internal Ultrasound

While ultrasound imaging is used to create pictures of the inside of the body, it is often necessary to use a transvaginal ultrasound to examine the female reproductive organs. This type of internal ultrasound allows doctors to view the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina in a more detailed manner. A doctor or technician … Read More

How Weight Affects Infertility


There are often a few factors that can contribute to infertility. For a majority of women, these factors can be addressed and controlled through medication or medical treatment. There is an area, however, which is typically only controlled on a personal level – this being the area of weight. Women who are either overweight or … Read More

A Birth Plan is Great, but You Must Remain Flexible

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Women have nine months to prepare for the birth of their baby (or babies). During these nine months, many women take birthing classes, read books, and receive countless pieces of advice regarding giving birth. For some women, they greatly look forward to giving birth while many others fear labor because of the unknown. Seasoned mothers … Read More

Depression During Pregnancy

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Whether you have surprisingly found out that you are pregnant or you have been trying for years and a healthy pregnancy has finally occurred, you may be shocked and saddened to find that your happiness is not all that you thought it would be. It is estimated that at least 10% of pregnant women will … Read More

Prenatal Nutrition

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You are pregnant, you are finally past your morning sickness, so it is finally time to indulge and eat all you want, right? While there is the idea that you are “eating for two,” you must remember that your Number 2 is a very tiny human being. A healthy diet will promote the health and … Read More