Menopause is a natural occurrence in a women’s life when the reproductive years have come to an end. Perimenopause means “around menopause” – because there are many changes that occur before and during menopause, which cannot be pinpointed to a specific date. Before true menopause sets in, a woman’s body will experience uneven spikes and … Read More

Age and Conception

Many women are waiting longer to start a family these days due to taking time to establish their careers, to travel, to enjoy time to themselves. This is putting them at older ages for when they begin thinking of having children. While this is understandable, age does have a direct effect on a woman’s fertility. … Read More

Maintaining Your Weight Over the Holidays

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The holidays are a time of joy and for gathering and celebrating with friends and family that you hold dear. However, these gatherings typically involved lots of food and drink. All those tasty treats that we enjoy over the holidays can add up to extra pounds that you will have to deal with in the … Read More

Hormones and Women’s Health

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If you are a woman, you are most likely very aware of the effect of hormones on your daily life.  This is especially the case during certain times of the month (ovulation and menstruation), puberty, pregnancy and Menopause.  However, do you really understand the role of hormones in your health?  If not, read on to … Read More

Santa and Your Health

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Christmas is just around the corner.  That means that Santa and his elves are watching everything you do to determine if you should go on the “Naughty” or “Nice” list this year.  Did you know that Santa is very concerned about your health?  He wants to make sure that you do not forget to take … Read More

Can Soy Help With Hot Flashes?

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For a long time, dietary soy has been linked with reducing hot flashes: a common side effect of Menopause and Perimenopause in women. But is there any science to back this up?  There is, thanks to a study conducted by The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and published in the online journal, Menopause.  However, there is … Read More

Study Finds That the Risk For Depression Lingers After Breast Cancer

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October is the month that we raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection and treatment.  However, Breast Cancer touches many aspects of a woman’s life, and the effects linger well after the Cancer has been detected treated and hopefully cured.  A study conducted by researchers in Copenhagen and published in the … Read More

Natural Treatments for Menstrual Cramps

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For many women, menstrual cramps are simply a part of their monthly menstrual cycle.  The severity of menstrual cramps can range widely from a mild nuisance to a debilitating pain.  If you experience menstrual cramps every month, the first thing you should do is make your OBGYN aware of your symptoms and particularly any changes … Read More

Osteoporosis and Your Bone Health

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If you are a woman, it is vitally important for you to pay attention to your bone health.  This is because after Menopause, your risk for developing Osteoporosis goes up substantially.  And, if you take care of your bone health while you are young, this will help to reduce your risk for developing Osteoporosis when … Read More

Hormonal Imbalance: Symptoms and Treatments

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Are you exhausted yet unable to get to sleep or stay asleep?  Are you moody and irritable, even when it is not that time of the month?  Have you recently gained weight and are unable lose it?  Are you experiencing hot flashes?  Have you completely lost interest in sex or has sex become painful for … Read More