What is a VBAC?


A VBAC (pronounced V-back) is a vaginal birth after cesarean delivery. A woman who has already given birth via cesarean is often a candidate to give birth vaginally with her subsequent pregnancies. The term VBAC was created because it was once suggested that if a woman delivered a baby via cesarean, she should deliver all … Read More

VBAC – What You Need to Know


A VBAC is a desire for many pregnant women. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is an option for many women who are pregnant. Because a vaginal birth is considered to be the most “ideal” and most “natural” form of birth, pregnant women most often seek a vaginal delivery. However, sometimes things do not work out … Read More


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Many women are devastated when they learn that their babies must be born via cesarean. The “natural” method of delivering babies vaginally has been happening for thousands of years and is the expected method with any pregnancy. However, there are many times when a cesarean delivery is necessary for both the mother and baby (or … Read More