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Appointment Information

Even before the recent government mandate to shift the healthcare industry towards electronic medical records, the physicians at Marietta Ob-Gyn Affiliates, P.A. felt that transitioning away from paper was the way of the future and in the best interest of our patients. To accomplish this goal, we have partnered with Athena. Today, we are proud to be virtually paperless, and feel that electronic charting provides us the fastest, safest, and most secure access to our patients’ health information.

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For this reason, we require that all patients complete an online history to provide us with your most up to date and accurate information. Prior to your scheduled appointment, we would like for you to visit (or click on the Athena Patient Portal icon) to fill out a detailed medical history. This typically takes 15 minutes or less to complete and can be done from any computer with internet access (Chrome or IE 11 is recommended) or with a cell phone. By completing this history ahead of time, you will save time at your visit. The information you provide is secure and protected, and complies with all federal and HIPAA regulations. If you are unable to complete your medical history prior to your appointment, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete this information at one of our computers. Remember, however, there could be a wait for your turn at the computer which could greatly increase your wait to see the provider. If you cannot complete your medical history within 15 minutes of your appointment scheduled time, we may ask you to reschedule.

Marietta Ob-Gyn Affiliates, P.A. strives to stay at the forefront of the medical industry in all that we do, and our desire in adopting an EMR is to leverage information technology to provide a better overall experience for our patients. Having this EMR allows us to send your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy of choice reducing your wait time, improving accuracy, and decreasing the risk of medical errors including multi-drug interactions. You can also access your lab, patient summaries, request an appointment or leave a non-urgent message results by visiting (or click on the Athena Portal icon). You will need your email address and password to access this information as well. Many lab results will be available the very next day (click here for expected turnaround time for labs). You can print your labs for your records or download them in a digital format. If your labs are abnormal, there will be a message to contact the office during routine office hours between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM to discuss the results. You can also visit this site to enter any pertinent changes or current medical complaints that you have prior to your next appointment. This will often save a significant amount of time during your appointment, especially before your annual exam or a preoperative appointment.

For detailed instructions on how to access the patient portal click on this document:

Though we are working to implement electronic registration, our insurance update information and financial policy are still on paper. If this is your first appointment with us or if your insurance information has changed, please allow an additional 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out this paperwork, or you can save time by printing and filling these documents out prior to your appointment at your convenience.