3 Ways to Help Prevent Hypertensive Pregnancy

Doctor measuring blood pressure of pregnant woman

While pregnancy can be a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life, there can be certain health conditions that can create life-threatening complications. A medical condition known as preeclampsia is a type of hypertension, or high blood pressure, that can occur typically after 20 weeks of pregnancy. While treatable, this health condition can cause organ damage and increase the risks of complications or death for mother and baby. Here are three ways to help reduce your risks for a hypertensive pregnancy.

Be Proactive About Your Health Before and During Pregnancy

Taking a proactive approach to preventing hypertensive pregnancy before childbirth is crucial. If possible, lose weight before becoming pregnant and have blood pressure and blood sugar checks on a regular basis. Participate in a daily exercise routine to boost your cardiovascular health. Eliminate caffeine consumption and consume a nutritious meal plan with low-sodium options.

Attend All Scheduled Prenatal Appointments

One of the best ways to prevent hypertensive pregnancy is to attend all prenatal appointments as scheduled by your physician. Prenatal checkups are typically on a monthly basis during the first six months of pregnancy. These appointments increase to bi-monthly for the next two months to weekly during the final month. During these visits, your physician will be able to monitor your blood pressure and identify symptoms of hypertensive pregnancy before it becomes serious. If preeclampsia is diagnosed, prenatal appointments for additional care will be scheduled to help keep you and your baby healthy.

Take Low-Dose Aspirin Daily

Low-dose aspirin while under the guidance and supervision of a physician can help lower the risks of hypertensive pregnancy. At-risk women can benefit from taking a dosage less than 81 milligrams on a daily basis after the 12th week of pregnancy. Make sure to consult your physician first before taking any medications or supplements to prevent unwanted side effects or health complications.

Marietta Hypertensive Pregnancy Treatment and Prevention

Hypertensive pregnancy can be prevented and treated with the proper medical care by knowledgeable and experienced obstetrics and gynecology physicians. Marietta OB/GYN Affiliates, PA provides specialized care for women dealing with high-risk pregnancies. New patients are currently welcome and most health insurance plans are accepted. Call to schedule an appointment today.