Aging and Weight Gain

Older Woman Sitting on the Beach

Many women find that though they do not change their diet or exercise routines, they battle with weight gain after the age of 40. Struggling to maintain a healthy weight is an issue that doctors hear about every day in the United States. Many times, most or all of the blame is placed upon hormone changes. However, the hard truth is that it is merely more difficult to maintain a healthy weight as you age. This is because the basal metabolism, the amount of energy needed to support essential body functions like breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc., decreases with age. Combined with a decrease in muscle mass, and many women (and men) find that they gain weight quickly and cannot lose it.

One way to battle the weight gain that is associated with aging is by staying physically active. Staying active is vital to your overall health. An active lifestyle keeps your heart healthy, while also compensating for the decline in caloric needs. Therefore, the best method for combating weight gain as your get older is to stay active and eat better! Speed walking is one of the best and safest forms of exercise for women over the age of 40. The low-impact exercise of speed walking will help your overall body. You can still get your heart rate up, and walking 3-5 miles three times a week will do wonders for your weight and your circulatory system.

For many women, cutting back on carbohydrates is an easy way to eliminate excess calories and sugars from their diets. By incorporating more lean proteins such as fish and chicken into their diets, they can feel full without consuming excessive calories. Of course, limiting sugar in your diet is also necessary. Cutting back on the amount of desserts, sodas, and even coffee creamer will help you fight against weight gain.

If you are continually fighting weight gain as you age, despite exercising and eating well, contact Marietta OB/GYN Affiliates, P.A.. Sometimes, there are hormonal imbalances that do impede your ability to maintain a healthy weight, or there could be another underlying issue that needs attention.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Carlos Alarcon, Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.