Did Your New Baby Deliver You Postpartum Depression?

Marietta GA Gynecologists

If you just had a baby, you’ve embarked on one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of a lifetime. When your baby was delivered, your heart expanded to depths and levels of love you never knew you had.

Your new baby may have also come with some hardships during delivery and postpartum. In the midst of all the new and excitement, something called Postpartum Depression may have snuck in as well. A woman, following childbirth, can suffer from Postpartum Depression. It is usually as a result of the hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood and fatigue.

While “baby blues” and change are expected with the arrival of your new baby, it can also lead to Postpartum Depression. For this reason, it’s important to know and look for the signs of it after you have your baby. If you have it, you will most likely feel sad, hopeless and guilty because you may not feel the desire to bond with, or care for, your new baby. You may also cry a lot and struggle with focus, learning or memory.

If you just welcomed a new baby into your home, Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. would like to congratulate you. If you feel that you are exhibiting signs of Postpartum Depression, it’s time to book an appointment with us so we can diagnose you and get you on the right treatment plan to get you feeling like yourself again.