Finding Out Your Baby’s Gender – Yes or No?

Young couple looking at USG photo of their baby.

Learning that you are expecting is one of the greatest joys in life. Whether you are surprised by a pregnancy or have been planning for it for months or years, learning that you are pregnant is a joyous occasion for most women. The excitement of growing a new life within your body is genuinely wonderous, and there are so many things to look forward to over the next few months. One of the biggest decisions that expectant parents wrestle with is whether or not to find out their baby’s gender before the baby is born.

Many couples are just as excited to learn whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl during pregnancy as if they had waited the entire nine months to learn. For most couples, it depends entirely on personality.

People who are the planning type typically enjoy finding out the gender of their baby as soon as possible. The anticipation of knowing what kind of nursery to decorate, what type of clothes to buy, and what names to choose thrills them to no end!

Of course, you have parents on the opposite end of the spectrum who, though they may like planning some areas of life, they want the excitement of being surprised at their baby’s gender at birth. These parents may be happy with a “gender neutral” nursery or with waiting to decorate until the baby arrives.

With technology today being so advanced, expectant parents can learn the gender of their baby at a very early stage. Ultrasounds reveal minute details of a baby’s growing body, and parents are often able to tell their baby’s gender from just a glance at the sonogram screen. **If you do not want to know your baby’s gender, it is important to tell your doctor and technician so that they do not accidentally reveal it. You may also want to turn your head away from the sonogram screen at specific points!

There is no correct answer as to whether or not you should find out your baby’s gender. If you are excited to learn, by all means, go ahead! If you love surprises, you will get the surprise you desire in just a few months! The choice is yours.