Is This Your First Ultrasound? Here’s What You Need To Know.


Ultrasounds are a normal and exciting part of your prenatal care. When you get the opportunity to hear and see your precious baby forming in your womb, it’s a welcome time of your pregnancy. If you’re getting ready to go in for your first ultrasound, congratulations! Here’s a list of helpful things you should know that will help you know what to expect.

  • If this ultrasound is your first one, you’re probably about 6 to 9 weeks pregnant and into your first trimester. During this ultrasound the fetal heartbeat will be confirmed and a uterine pregnancy can be confirmed. An estimated due date can be determined through measurements and determine the number of fetuses.
  • Ultrasounds performed later in your pregnancy (typically between 18-22 weeks) can determine your child’s sex if you desire to know it. This ultrasound can also measure the size and amniotic fluid. It can also view the location of your placenta. You can often see your baby’s body parts such as the face, hands, feet and other organs.
  • If you have a high-risk pregnancy you will most likely be required to have additional ultrasounds to monitor the health of you and your baby or babies.
  • An ultrasound is a painless procedure. The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • During your ultrasound you may have to have a full bladder, this can provide a small amount of discomfort when your belly is pressed on, but it is temporary.
  • Depending on the ultrasound that you are getting, you may need to remove your clothing and wear a hospital gown. It’s best to choose to wear loose-fitting clothing to your exam.

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