Lack of Libido


For many married women, lack of libido is a reality. Low libido can be caused by many different reasons including a hormone imbalance, stress, fatigue, menopause, medication and lack of proper nutrition. The truth is, your overall health has a dramatic affect on your sex drive. If you are not eating properly and getting enough rest and exercise or if you are continually under high levels of stress, this could be contributing to your lack of libido. If you are overweight, this could also be a factor.

If you are experiencing a lack of libido, it is worth talking to your physician to find out the cause or causes. Participating in regular sexual activity with your spouse can improve intimacy therefore improving your marriage, however, it also has many well-documented health benefits.  Having sex relieves stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, improves heart health, boosts self-esteem, reduces pain, strengthens pelvic floor muscles and helps promote better sleep.

If you have noticed that your sex drive has dramatically decreased, schedule an appointment with a board-certified Gynecologist in your local area. A qualified physician can sit down with you, discuss your symptoms, evaluate your lifestyle and medical history, perform a physical examination and recommend a treatment plan to suit your specific situation. The solution may be as simple as getting more sleep and changing your diet. If your lack of libido is being caused by another problem such as Diabetes or Menopause, your physician may need to prescribe medications or other treatments to treat the underlying problem.