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You Might Want To Reconsider Using Bath Bombs As Stocking Stuffers


Bath bombs are “the bomb” right now. Everywhere you go there are beautifully wrapped and scented bath bombs for your bathing pleasure. These “bombs” are “detonated” when placed in your bath. They make for an explosive, fizzy, fragrant and luxurious bathing experience. They are the ultimate relaxing experience if you are a bath person. The …

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Reasons To Give Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving from Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.! We love all our patients and we are grateful to be able to serve you. Each one of you is unique and special in your own way, and we celebrate that. Here are ten reasons you can give thanks for being a woman. You are known to utilize …

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Are Cold Season And Your Season Of Menopause Colliding?


If you’re going through the season of life when you are going through menopause, there are some important things to keep in mind as we approach cold season. Did you know that in Atlanta you can actually track and map fevers, the common cold and flu reports around the United States? According to AJC, “The …

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Answers To Common Questions About Endometriosis


If you are one of over six million U.S. females suffering from endometriosis, you probably have many questions related to your condition. Endometriosis is when your tissue that makes up your uterine lining is present on other organs inside your body. Is Endometriosis Contagious? Endometriosis is not contagious. It is exists locally and cannot be …

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What To Expect When Getting A Mammogram


If you are scheduled for your first mammogram, you may be wondering what to expect. You probably have heard lots of mixed reviews from women, and you’re probably wondering what your experience will be like. Some women think it’s no big deal, while others may feel like it’s the worst! The American Cancer Society has …

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How Is Your Vitamin D Level?


Vitamin D is vital to women’s health. This particular vitamin can be supplied by sunshine and is a great gift to your body. It enables you to have good bone health and plays an important role in chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, inflammation and autoimmune disease. At Marietta OB-GYN, we know that monitoring …

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Women Have Testosterone Too!


Testosterone is an important sex hormone for men. It is produced in the testicles. It regulates their sex drive, bone mass, appearance, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of sperm and red blood cells. Testosterone in men often decreases with age. The decrease of testosterone in men can cause a variety of …

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