Marietta GA C-Section Delivery

Pregnancy is a time of enormous changes in a woman’s life. Hormonal changes, body changes, and changes in ability are all normal and will fluctuate significantly from the moment of conception until months after giving birth. While some transformations are just a part of pregnancy, certain changes are considered abnormal and need specific monitoring. Preeclampsia is a severe medical condition that affects some women during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is the onset of high blood pressure, and this condition can pose harmful threats to both the mother to be and her unborn baby. Even a slight rise in a pregnant woman’s blood pressure can be a red flag for preeclampsia, so this condition is never taken lightly.

At every prenatal appointment, a pregnant woman will undergo routine checks. One of these is to check her blood pressure. Women who have high blood pressure before becoming pregnant and who have high blood pressure at the beginning of pregnancy will be closely monitored throughout their entire pregnancy. Women who have an onset of high blood pressure during pregnancy will also be monitored closely; decisions will often need to be made on a very short timetable to handle this issue. The only cure for preeclampsia is delivering your baby, and you can ensure that no decision will be made lightly regarding a preterm delivery.

You must keep your prenatal appointments and make them a priority. At each visit, along with checking your blood pressure, your doctor will examine how much weight you have gained since your last appointment. Sudden weight gain and swelling are signs of preeclampsia, and if these concern you between appointments, you need to bring them to your doctor’s attention immediately. Any onset of blurred vision or severe headaches or extreme swelling can be indicators that you need immediate attention, and you should go to the ER.

At Marietta OB/GYN, we are here to provide the most exceptional prenatal care to our patients. Your health, as well as the health of your unborn baby, are our greatest concerns. Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition that can pose life-threatening issues. Contact us today for expert care and treatment.