Pregnancy and Exercise – a Healthy Combination

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Exercise should be a huge part of everyone’s life. Whether you are a daily walker, HIIT athlete, or a marathon runner, an active lifestyle has many benefits. While guidelines surrounding pregnancy and exercise have changed over the years, it is clear that physical activity during pregnancy does not increase your risk of miscarriage or premature delivery. While women were once doted on and encouraged to exert little to no activity throughout pregnancy, times have changed – and they’ve changed for the better!

Exercise during pregnancy can provide the same benefits as when you are not pregnant, only the benefits are doubled. Exercising while pregnant can help lower your risk for gestational diabetes, improve back pain, relieve constipation, improve blood flow, and release serotonin to boost your mood and energy levels. Of course, you should never embark on a new exercise regime without first consulting your physician. Certain exercises during pregnancy are considered unsafe, and for women who have not been physically active in the past, it will be necessary to start slow while pregnant. Also, certain conditions of pregnancy do prohibit the extra physical activity.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) consider the following complications/conditions unsafe for exercise:

Walking and swimming are the two most recommended exercises that pregnant women can and should do regularly. They are both low impact, get the heart rate up enough, and are safely done. Of course, if you experience any sudden symptoms such as bleeding from the vagina, fluid leaking from the vagina, feeling dizzy or faint, headache, or any other uncommon symptoms, please discontinue activity and follow up with your practitioner as soon as possible.

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