September Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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September is set aside as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. would like to take this time to shed light on this cancer to help you know signs and symptoms for it, and help you understand what it is.

Ovarian Cancer Is NOT Cervical Cancer

Oftentimes, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are thought to be the same thing. While they both have to do with the female reproductive system, they are two different types of cancer. Cervical cancer is a result of HPV (human papilloma virus), which causes your DNA in your cervix to change.

Ovarian Cancer is located in your ovaries. They are located in your lower abdomen and are attached to your womb by the Fallopian tubes. Ovarian cancer can be caused by a variety of reasons including things such as family history, lifestyle factors and breast-feeding less than 6 months.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

If you think you may have ovarian cancer, it’s important that you see a doctor right away. Here is a list of common signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer to watch for.

1. Bloating (persistently and uncomfortably)
2. Feeling full
3. Loss of appetite
4. Pain in your belly
5. Feeling like you need to urinate more often
6. Changes in bowel movements (such as IBS symptoms)

Preventing Ovarian Cancer

The American Cancer Society offers a list of risk factors that you may avoid to lower your risk of getting ovarian cancer. You can read more about these factors here, published by the American Cancer Society in their article, “Can Ovarian Cancer Be Prevented.”

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