Should I Donate My Placenta After a Planned Cesarean Section?


If you are pregnant, you may be faced with the decision of whether or not to donate your placenta after the birth of your child. Placenta donation is a common practice that can done when there is a birth via a planned Cesarean Section. This tissue from the placenta is then harvested and used for a variety of surgical and therapeutic applications. This is because these valuable tissues have the ability to aid in the healing process after various types of soft tissue surgeries.

Placenta donation is a painless process and there is no cost on the part of the donor. There is also no risk to you or your unborn baby. However, to donate your placenta, consent forms must be signed prior to the birth of your child. Once you formally consent to the donation, you will be asked a few simple questions about your medical and social history. If your OBGYN is participating with a placenta donation program and you are having a planned Cesarean Section, you will be automatically asked if you want to donate your placenta, prior to the birth.  If your OBGYN is not participating with a placenta donation program, you can inquire about placenta donation on your own.

There a a variety of tissues in the placenta that can be used as a powerful aid in the healing process. Currently, tissue obtained from the placenta is being used in a variety of Ophthalmic (eye) and dental surgeries. It is also being developed for use in other areas such as neurology and reconstructive surgery.

If you are having a child via a planned Cesarean Section, talk to your OBGYN about placenta donation today. This precious gift can greatly enhance the quality of life for many patients in need.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Carlos Alarcon, Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.