Should You Choose an Elective C-Section?

Pregnant Woman Marietta GA

Choosing to have an elective procedure should never be made lightly. An elective procedure is classified as one that is scheduled and performed for a non-emergency. Many women want to choose an elective Cesarean birth (commonly referred to as a C-section), but women must understand that this type of delivery is a major surgical procedure. Less than two decades ago, a C-section was only performed under unavoidable circumstances. There was no “elective” part about it. Yet many women today express interest in having an elective C-section.

When it comes down to it, women most often give one of three reasons for wanting an elective C-section. 1) They fear vaginal delivery, 2) they want the convenience of scheduling birth, or 3) they misjudge a C-section as “the easy way.”

Medical professionals can negate all three of these reasons. There is no need to fear vaginal delivery. Women have been giving birth vaginally for thousands of years, and a C-section should generally only be performed when emergencies arise. While the “convenience” of knowing when exactly your baby will be delivered may be ideal, again, women have been handling the surprise of delivery since the dawn of time. And as for the “easy way” of having a baby – a Cesarean Birth is not easy. A C-section requires that the abdomen is cut open through the muscle tissue, the intestines are lifted out of the body, the uterus is cut open to remove the baby, and then everything is placed back inside the body, and the abdomen is stapled together. None of that is “easy.” The recovery time required from a C-section is significantly longer than from a vaginal delivery. Also, the inconveniences of not being able to drive or lift anything heavier than your newborn (including any older children) are serious things to consider.

At Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A., we proudly provide exceptional women’s care. Bringing your baby into the world is a beautiful experience and opportunity, and it should not be interfered with unless medically necessary. We encourage all expectant mothers to plan for a vaginal delivery whenever possible. Our practice is here to provide compassionate and complete care.