The Right Birthing Plan For You


If you are currently expecting a child, congratulations! This is such a fun and exciting time in your life. Chances are, you have talked with your partner about possible names and started putting together the nursery. You may have even started reading some books or taking classes on parenting. But, before you can name your child and put them in their beautiful nursery, you have to actually deliver the child. Have you started thinking about your birthing plan?

Thinking about your birthing plan and talking with your Obstetrician ahead of time can make the process of delivering your child more gratifying and enjoyable. Some things you will want to think about ahead of time include the following:

  1. Do you want to use an epidural or any other type of pain relieving drugs during the delivery process or do you want to have a natural childbirth?
  2. Do you want your partner or spouse to film or photograph any of the delivery process?
  3. Who do you want to have in the delivery room with you?

Please keep in mind that your delivery plan will be subject to change depending on the circumstances of your childbirth. At any time, your Obstetrician may need to change the plan to protect both your health and the health of your unborn child. For instance, even if you desire a vaginal birth, your Obstetrician may decide that a Cesarean delivery is needed. However, if you have already delivered one child via a Cesarean Section, this does not automatically mean that you cannot deliver another child vaginally. In some cases, a vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC) delivery is possible. If this is important to you, talk with your Obstetrician to see if this would be a possibility.

It is also helpful to tour the hospital or birthing center where you will be giving birth ahead of time. Patients of Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. deliver at the state-of-the-art birthing center at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. For more information about the facilities available at Wellstar Kennestone or to schedule a tour of the birthing center, please give them a call today.

Planning ahead can make the process of delivering your child go much more smoothly for everyone involved, including your unborn child.