The Top Five Reasons to Consider An IUD


If you are currently looking for a method of contraception and have not considered an IUD (Intrauterine Device), you may want reconsider this highly effective form of birth control. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Effectiveness – IUDs have been proven to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy as compared to birth control pills which are only 95% effective in preventing pregnancy.
  2. Cost Effectiveness – An IUD can be used as a long-term method of contraception (up to five or ten years with certain brands). If they are used for at least three years, they are more cost effective than birth control pills.
  3. Less Hassle – with an IUD, you just visit your doctor’s office to have it inserted and then forget about it. No daily pills required as with birth control pills.
  4. Reduced menstrual bleeding – some brands of IUDs have been proven to reduce or eliminate menstrual bleeding in some women.
  5. Easily Reversible – if you decide you want to become pregnant, just visit your doctor to have your IUD removed. You can start trying to become pregnant as soon as that same day.

Despite all these advantages, IUDs continue to be underutilized. Experts think that this may be due to a lack of awareness among many women about IUDs as well as misconceptions about their safety. For this reason, experts are urging Gynecologists to be more proactive in educating their patients about this safe and effective form of birth control.

Two of the most popular brands of IUDs on the market today are Paragard® and Mirena®. Each of these brands are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. If you would like more information on IUDs or to find out if this method of contraception is right for you, visit your OBGYN today.