Treatment for An Erratic Menstrual Cycle


You are about to go on a much-needed, tropical vacation with your husband. Time for some much needed rest and recuperation and maybe even a little bit of romance. With all of the kid’s school work and activities, you feel like you have barely had any time to actually talk to your husband lately. Now that you have finished having children and your children are all in school, it is finally time for some one-on-one time with the man you married ten years ago.

You have packed your swimsuit, sunscreen, shorts, sundresses and sunglasses. You are ready to go. Then you realize, you have started your period. Another vacation ruined by menstrual bleeding and cramps. It feels like you just had it. Wait a minute… you did just have it, only two and a half weeks ago. What is going on?  Once a month is bad enough but this is ridiculous! Enough is enough! It is time to talk to your Gynecologist about Hydrothermal Ablation. A few of your friends have had this procedure and are happy with the result, but you are not really sure all that is involved…

Hydrothermal Ablation is a Gynecologic procedure used to treat women with irregular or excessive uterine (menstrual bleeding). If you are finished with childbearing and are experiencing excessive or irregular uterine bleeding due to benign causes, you may be a good candidate for this minimally invasive procedure.

The procedure, which can be performed in your Gynecologist’s office under a local anesthetic, involves inserting a small probe into the uterus and flushing the uterine cavity with heated water to destroy most or all of the endometrium. There is little downtime or recovery time required. Most women experience reduced menstrual bleeding. In some women, menstrual bleeding is eliminated altogether.

You do not have to let irregular and/or excessive menstrual bleeding reduce your quality of life. Talk to your Gynecologist today to see if you are a candidate for this life-changing procedure.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Carlos Alarcon, Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.