What You Cannot Do When Pregnant with Multiples

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When you are pregnant with multiples, you need to take extra precautions. The additional weight and demand on your body make such pregnancies riskier than a singleton pregnancy. That means you will have to modify how you eat, exercise and dress differently than do moms of singletons.

Things You Cannot Do

During this exciting time, the best way to take care of your unborn children is to care for yourself. Also, you may have to change your behavior while pregnant to ensure an optimal outcome for your babies.

You cannot take risks. If you are adventurous, you may have to hold back on many activities. For example, any high-risk activity like scuba diving or white-water rafting is off-limits until after the babies are born.

You cannot ride a bicycle. Although it may seem easy, riding a bike can be dangerous when pregnant with multiples. You are more likely to fall because the extra weight you carry can throw you off balance. All sports that put you at risk of falling should be avoided.

You cannot exercise excessively. Strenuous workouts like high-impact aerobics activities, heavy weightlifting or HITT training can cause you to overheat, and they strain the heart, joints and pelvic muscles holding in the babies. So, save the running, 100 lb. bench presses, jumping and even dancing for later.

You cannot overwork yourself. Avoid pushing yourself to the limit. If you are tired, rest. Your body needs it because it is working overtime to grow all the babies. Furthermore, if your doctor assigns you bed rest, take it seriously.

You cannot soak in a jacuzzi. While you have to relax, a hot tub is not the way to do it. Soaking in hot water can raise your internal thermostat to fever levels, putting you at risk of miscarriage or your babies at risk of congenital disabilities like anencephaly and gastroschisis.

You cannot fast or go on a diet. Eating too little is very dangerous for fetuses. Each needs you to eat an extra 300 calories of nutrient-dense food daily to support healthy growth. The expert team at Marietta OB-GYN can teach you about healthy eating if you are unsure about nutrient-dense foods.

You cannot forget to drink water. Your body needs more fluids to keep your blood circulating than usual. So, drink at least 8 to 12 cups of water daily. Set “reminder” alarms throughout the day, if necessary.

You cannot overeat. Eating too little is wrong, but so is eating too much, especially if it is prepackaged food and empty calories (candy and junk food). Instead, choose the right foods such as vegetables and lean meat, and eat as much as is necessary to support the lives growing in your tummy, but not more. Otherwise, you will just get fat, leading to health problems like diabetes and potentially sabotaging your pregnancy.

You cannot eat fried food. Eating fried food puts you at risk of developing gestational diabetes. You are already at higher risk of developing the disease during a multiples-pregnancy, so your chances will increase further if you eat fried chicken and French fries.

You cannot drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs. Exposing your babies to these toxic substances raises their risk of congenital disabilities and being born with chronic illnesses.

You cannot clean the cat litter box. This is because feline feces may have toxoplasmosis, a cat disease that can cause congenital disabilities if you contract it.

You cannot ignore the signs of labor. Premature birth is common for those expecting multiples. Seek medical attention immediately if you feel backache, cramping, rectal pressure, low pelvic pain, contractions or vaginal discharge.

You cannot skip doctor checkups. You are more likely to experience health complications such as anemia and preeclampsia. Additionally, the fetuses are at higher risk of health issues like low birth weight and congenital disabilities. Therefore, you will need to visit your OB-GYN more often than if you were a mother with a singleton.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Carlos Alarcon, Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.