You Might Want To Reconsider Using Bath Bombs As Stocking Stuffers

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Bath bombs are “the bomb” right now. Everywhere you go there are beautifully wrapped and scented bath bombs for your bathing pleasure. These “bombs” are “detonated” when placed in your bath. They make for an explosive, fizzy, fragrant and luxurious bathing experience. They are the ultimate relaxing experience if you are a bath person.

The manufacturers of bath bombs make them quite enticing. They are relatively inexpensive. Around this holiday season they may be bought to place in stockings as stuffers for fun! However, we’d like to caution you about the giving and receiving of these bath bombs.

Bath bombs should be used in moderation and careful consideration. They have the ability to throw off your body’s pH balance, which can cause dryness and itchiness around your vaginal area. Bath bombs are typically heavily dyed and fragranced (and even glittered, at times).  When you used perfumed products they can disrupt the good bacteria in your vagina and cause infection such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush and inflammation. Sitting in bath water can also cause UTIs.

Do you have to give up baths altogether? No! Try replacing bath bombs with a couple drops of essential oils to your occasional bath. If you must choose a bath bomb, use one with natural and organic ingredients and shower afterward to rinse off. In addition, avoid sitting in your bath for long periods of time.

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