How Weight Affects Infertility


There are often a few factors that can contribute to infertility. For a majority of women, these factors can be addressed and controlled through medication or medical treatment. There is an area, however, which is typically only controlled on a personal level – this being the area of weight. Women who are either overweight or … Read More

Egg Freezing for Future Fertility

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Many of you may have heard that both Facebook and Apple, two large, well-known American companies, are planning to offer their employees egg freezing as a health benefit. The purpose is to preserve the fertility of working women who are not yet ready for motherhood.  This move has stirred up much controversy and debate about … Read More

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and Infertility

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is one of the most common causes of female infertility.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in eight women with PID experience difficulties getting pregnant.  PID is an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix).  It occurs when bacteria … Read More

Dealing With Infertility

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Everyday, couples all over the world deal with the disappointment of infertility.  Infertility can be one of the most difficult things to deal with as a couple.  We have all heard stories about couples or known couples personally who tried and tried to get pregnant to no avail.  Then, after going through the adoption process … Read More

Are Uterine Fibroids Causing Your Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

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If you experience heavy menstrual bleeding every month and have abdominal pain, it may be due to uterine fibroids.  Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow from the muscle layers of the uterus.  In some cases, uterine fibroids do not cause any symptoms at all and eventually go away on their own.  In other cases, they … Read More

Should I Get Tested for STDs?

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Are you wondering if you should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?  It is an important question as more than 1/2 of all Americans get a sexually transmitted disease or infection at some time in their lives.  Many times, STDs do not cause symptoms and many people never know they have one.  This makes … Read More

Surgical Treatment for Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a condition characterized by the abnormal growth of cells (endometrial cells) outside the uterus. It is one of the leading causes of pelvic pain in women and can also cause other symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding and infertility. If you have pelvic pain, heavy bleeding or other symptoms, it is important to … Read More

Common Causes of Male Infertility

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If you have been trying to achieve pregnancy without success, you are not alone.  Everyday, couples just like you struggle with infertility.  There are a myriad of factors that could be contributing to the problem, and diagnosing infertility can be a complicated process.  In most cases, we look to the woman first when it comes … Read More

Three Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

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If you are like many women who have decided that they are ready to start a family, you want to be pregnant and you want to be pregnant now.  Unfortunately, mother nature does not always cooperate with our plans.  While it is not possible to dictate when exactly you will become pregnant, there are three … Read More

What is an Ectopic Pregnancy?

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An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg attaches (implants) some place other than the uterus.  In many cases of ectopic pregnancy, the egg will implant inside one of the fallopian tubes.  This dangerous condition is often caused by damaged to the fallopian tubes.  The following factors will increase your risk for an ectopic pregnancy: … Read More