VBAC – What You Need to Know


Marietta GA OBGYNsA VBAC is a desire for many pregnant women. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is an option for many women who are pregnant. Because a vaginal birth is considered to be the most “ideal” and most “natural” form of birth, pregnant women most often seek a vaginal delivery. However, sometimes things do not work out as planned, and an emergency situation, a large baby, or some other complication occurs and makes a Cesarean delivery necessary. Yet, having a C-section for one birth does not mean that every following birth must be done via C-section.

VBAC is an option for many women, and there is a high rate of successful vaginal delivery following a previous C-section. For women who have had only one prior low transverse uterine incision, a VBAC can be possible. Other chances of a successful VBAC include that the mother and baby are healthy and the pregnancy is considered “normal,” the reason for the previous C-section is not a factor with the present pregnancy, labor begins naturally before or on the due date, and that a woman has had a successful vaginal delivery before. However, none of these factors guarantee that a VBAC will be successful, and it is important for women to be emotionally aware that a Cesarean birth is always a possibility if things do not develop ideally. This is true for all births – complications can arise for first time mothers as well as mothers who have had five successful vaginal deliveries.

While VBAC is considered the ideal birthing option for the mother because of the shorter recovery time and active participation in birth, it is not always an option. Women who have had two or more C-sections are not recommended to try VBAC, and women who have had a uterine rupture during a previous pregnancy are also not candidates. The damage to the uterine wall along with scar tissue makes a VBAC extremely dangerous to the mother and baby.

At Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A., we are here to support women who are good candidates and who wish to try for a vaginal birth after cesarean. Our main concern will always be for the health of the mother and baby, and we will walk you through every aspect in determining whether or not a VBAC is the ideal option. Our doctors, nurses, and staff look forward to caring for you during this very special time in your life. Please contact our practice today for the highest standard of medical, compassionate, and sensitive care.