Have You Heard About The Updated Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines Related To Age?

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Recently the American Cancer Society (ACS) updated the guideline for colorectal cancer screening. There are several changes in the guidelines, but the major one is the new recommendation that screening should begin at age 45 for individuals that are at average risk. This rewinds the recommended age by five years; the previous recommended age was 50.

Ultimately, the American Cancer Society wishes to save lives from the dangers of colorectal cancer. For this reason, as a result of research finding that colorectal cancer is occurring at an increasing rate among younger adults, they reduced the age by five years.

Other screening recommendations for those at average risk according to the American Cancer Society

  • People at average risk of colorectal cancer should start regular screening at age 45.
  • People who are in good health and with a life expectancy of more than 10 years should continue regular colorectal cancer screening through the age of 75.
  • People ages 76 through 85 should make a decision with their medical provider about whether to be screened based on their own personal preferences, life expectancy, overall health and prior screening history.
  • People over 85 should no longer get colorectal cancer screening.

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