Pregnant + Heat = Solutions

Pregnant Woman Marietta GA

Are your pregnancy and this heat not adding up? Summer heat in Georgia can be brutal. It’s hot for everyone. But, when you’re pregnant and dealing with Georgia heat, it can almost be unbearable! It’s hard to remain cheerful, positive and cool when you’re so uncomfortable and feel like you have an internal heater blasting throughout your body. If only there was a thermostat switch you could adjust to turn the heat down you’d find relief.

When you are pregnant your body temperature may rise. This can be attributed to two factors. The first is an increase in your metabolic rate. Your body kicks into motion when it recognizes that it needs to take care of two and it increases its normal activity. The second is due to hormonal changes that happen in your body when you’re pregnant.

There are steps you can take to help you keep cool during your summer pregnancy.

  • Choose Cotton– When choosing an outfit, choose one made of natural fibers such as cotton or linen. These fabrics allow your body to perspire and breathe easily.
  • Choose Light Colors– Avoid dark colored clothing that tend to absorb the summer sun’s hot rays.
  • Stay Hydrated-Drinking plenty of water while you’re pregnant is important anyway. It also will help keep you cool this summer. Why not give your water a twist of flavor with some mint leaves or lemon infused in it.

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