IUD Pros and Cons


Choosing to become pregnant or to avoid becoming pregnant is a very personal decision for women and couples to make. There are many different reasons why avoiding pregnancy is an option, but for most women and couples this is rarely a permanent decision – it is usually a “not now” decision. Because of this, women … Read More

Permanent Birth Control

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Choosing whether or not to have children, or to have more children, is a very personal decision and one that should not be made flippantly. Some women who are not 100% positive that they do not want to have children in the future often choose a birth control method that has extended results but that … Read More

Intrauterine Device

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An intrauterine device, most commonly referred to as an IUD, is a small contraceptive device made of flexible plastic. It is inserted into the uterus to provide safe and highly effective long-term contraception. An IUD is a good option for women who want an easy method of contraception that is also highly effective and lasts … Read More