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A Rhythmic Approach To Birth Control


Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid it, one approach for tracking your cycle is to determine when the greatest possibility of getting pregnant is highest. The way this system works is by using a calendar. Many women use a regular calendar, but there are also many apps available on phones that …

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IUD Pros and Cons


Choosing to become pregnant or to avoid becoming pregnant is a very personal decision for women and couples to make. There are many different reasons why avoiding pregnancy is an option, but for most women and couples this is rarely a permanent decision – it is usually a “not now” decision. Because of this, women …

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Permanent Birth Control


Choosing whether or not to have children, or to have more children, is a very personal decision and one that should not be made flippantly. Some women who are not 100% positive that they do not want to have children in the future often choose a birth control method that has extended results but that …

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Intrauterine Device


An intrauterine device, most commonly referred to as an IUD, is a small contraceptive device made of flexible plastic. It is inserted into the uterus to provide safe and highly effective long-term contraception. An IUD is a good option for women who want an easy method of contraception that is also highly effective and lasts …

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