Teaching Your Adolescent Girl Proper Hygiene As She Transitions Into Womanhood

Young Teenage Girl Smiling Marietta GA

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”

Being a female is a wonderful thing! There is so much beauty and good that women bring to our world. If you’re raising a future strong woman, congratulations! You have the important task of preparing her for womanhood and all that goes into that.

One piece of preparation you will want to consider as you help your adolescent daughter is proper hygiene. Your daughter can get her period any time between the age of 10 and 15. Age 12 is the most common time for her, but every body is different and has its own schedule.

It’s important to have open dialogue with your daughter before she gets her period so she is not scared or shocked by getting it. Talk to her about your own cycle. Show her what you use to maintain it and speak in clear and correct anatomical terms. Don’t try to shy away from the facts, face them fearlessly, and this will help your daughter do the same. Empower her with words and strength as she enters into this new phase.

Discuss with her the options for controlling the blood loss, and know that pads are usually the best method when she first starts. If she needs to use a tampon for sports or swimming, help her know exactly how to do that. In addition, make sure your daughter knows how to keep her private area clean while on and off her period. Bathing with heavily scented soaps and bath bombs can disrupt her balance and cause itchy dryness and vaginal infections.

Contact Marietta OB/GYN if you are looking for an OB/GYN to provide your daughter with adolescent care. Our physicians and staff provide the care needed to support young women as they begin the transition through adolescence into womanhood.