Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are common among people of all ages, yet women are more likely to be affected (and affected again, and again) than anyone else. The design of the female body places the urethra close to the anus. One of the first things parents teach their young girls when they are potty training is … Read More

Pelvic Pain

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The pelvis is the lowest part of the abdomen, and many women feel a great deal amount of pain in this area on a recurring basis. There are several causes of pelvic pain, some of which are short in duration and severe, some of which are debilitating, and some of which are more constant yet … Read More

How Weight Affects Infertility


There are often a few factors that can contribute to infertility. For a majority of women, these factors can be addressed and controlled through medication or medical treatment. There is an area, however, which is typically only controlled on a personal level – this being the area of weight. Women who are either overweight or … Read More

High-Risk Pregnancy Care


Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation for women as their growing bodies get ready for the birth and introduction of their precious baby (or babies). While all pregnancies are special, there are some pregnancies that require extra care and attention. A high-risk pregnancy is one in which there is a condition present that increases … Read More

Low Libido

The term “low libido” refers to a woman’s decline in sexual desire and interest. It is a common problem for women, and it is often the result of many different conditions or a side effect from certain medications. At Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A. our doctors are here to help you find the treatment you need … Read More

Traveling While Pregnant


It is difficult for most women to put their entire lives on hold for nine months while they are pregnant. This is especially true for women whose professions involve traveling, or for the traveling enthusiasts who love visiting new places. While traveling on a whole is not discouraged throughout a woman’s pregnancy, it is important … Read More

Abnormal Pap Smear

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A Pap smear is a test that allows your doctor to look at the cells from your cervix and see if there are any problems, such as cancer. An abnormal Pap smear indicates that the cells of your cervix have shown some slightly unusual changes and need further review and testing. Pap tests are done … Read More

Safe Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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While the average pregnancy weight gain is between 25 and 35 pounds, many women still choose to indulge during their pregnancies and fly by the “eating for two” mentality. Despite weight gain during pregnancy (whether average or above average), almost all women desire to lose all the extra pregnancy pounds as quickly as possible. They … Read More

Trying to Get Pregnant in 2016


Many couples like to begin a new year thinking of all the possibilities that a new year can bring. One of the biggest possibilities is deciding that it is time to expand your family. The most popular month to deliver a baby is September, leading many to believe that the New Year is a popular … Read More

A Birth Plan is Great, but You Must Remain Flexible

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Women have nine months to prepare for the birth of their baby (or babies). During these nine months, many women take birthing classes, read books, and receive countless pieces of advice regarding giving birth. For some women, they greatly look forward to giving birth while many others fear labor because of the unknown. Seasoned mothers … Read More